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About Wheel Balancing


Often confused with wheel alignment, a wheel can get thrown out of balance with an imperfection in the rubber or when there is damage to the tire or rim.


You might need wheel balancing if your vehicle feels like it’s wobbling while driving. You may hear it and feel it in the steering wheel, too.


Fixing this issue is accomplished by placing measured lead weights on the opposite side of the heavy spot – the noticeable tread wear on your unbalanced tire.

Signs Your Wheels Might Be Unbalanced


Your vehicle’s wheels might be unbalanced if you notice…


  • Excessive vibration in the steering wheel at certain speeds (around 50 – 70 MPH)
  • Excessive vibration in the seat or floorboard of your vehicle at certain speeds (around 50 – 70 MPH)
  • Unusual wear patterns on the tires


Importance of Getting Your Wheels Balanced


Driving with unbalanced wheels is not an enjoyable ride. Getting your wheels balanced can result in a better ride, reduced tire wear and enhanced drive-train components.


How Often Should I Get My Wheels Balanced?


Our experts at KB Tire & Auto recommend having your wheels balanced every 3000 – 6000 miles, and we are happy to make it apart of your preventative maintenance schedule. However, make sure to address the problem if you notice the symptoms right away!


Trust Moberly and Mid-Missouri’s Experts in Wheel Balancing


Get your wheels properly balanced the first time with KB Tire & Auto’s certified professionals. Our experts have years of experience with wheel balancing. We will get you back on the road safely, and you’ll notice the smoother ride right away!


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