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Engine Tune Ups and Vehicle Maintenance in Moberly, Mo

Cars need to be cared for because they are a sizeable investment. A great way to protect your vehicle is through regular tune ups. Whether you drive a brand new vehicle or a well loved car, tune ups are necessary to extend your vehicle’s life and to optimize efficiency. Regular tune ups help maintain the safety components of a vehicle and ensure that worn parts are replaced.

How often should I get an engine tune up?

Cars should be brought in for a tune up every 2 years or 30,000 miles driven.

What are signs that I need an engine tune up?

If it’s not quite time for a tune up but you notice any of these signs, bring your car in right away!

  • decrease in gas milage
  • loss of power or torque
  • rough running or stalling engine
  • strange noises during acceleration
  • dirty or clogged air filter
  • illuminated check engine light

Why are engine tune ups important?

A tune up now can help prevent costly vehicle maintenance in the future. Normal vehicle use results in loss of efficiency. Regular tuneups make sure a vehicle is operating safely and overall maximizes fuel efficiency and performance.  

What is checked during an engine tune up?

At KB Tire & Auto, we thoroughly inspect your vehicle. Car engines are complex and can be difficult to troubleshoot. Our technicians use diagnostic equipment to pinpoint issues and replace them. Engine tune ups are a little different for each vehicle depending on the make and model. Basic engine tune ups go through a series of inspections to ensure your vehicle is running properly.


Car ignition

A car’s ignition contains important components that need to be in proper condition to help it fire properly. Spark plugs, wires and coils work together to ignite the air and fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. If one of these components is damaged, the ignition will not fire properly. KB Tire & Auto will examine the timing system of a car’s ignition. Not all vehicles have a distributor cap and rotor, but if present, we will check and replace them if necessary.


Spark plug

Spark plugs have a metal tip that wears down over time from high heat and pressure that occurs when a car is being driven. A sign that a spark plug is worn is a misfire. Misfires happens when the vehicle fails to ignite. When KB Tire & Auto does tuneups, we will replace spark plugs that have any sign of wear to keep your vehicle running smoothly.


Car ignition wires

Ignition wires wear down over time and will eventually fail. If your engine is idling it can be a sign of wear on your ignition wires. To avoid a dead cylinder, car ignition wires need to be transferred into a new cap. We are extra careful during this process because any cross wiring can result in a rough running engine.

Fuel filter

Contaminated fuel tanks clog your car’s fuel filter and result in low fuel pressure. This happens over time with normal use and is addressed during tune ups. Clogged fuel filters can cause hesitation in acceleration and rough idling. In extreme circumstances, dirty fuel filters can lead to fuel pump failure.


Car air filter

A car’s air filters sift through thousands of gallons of air, and can become clogged over time. Clogged car air filters can negatively impact your vehicle’s performance and can hurt gas mileage. While performing an engine tune up, we ensure that clogged air filters are either cleaned or replaced.


Car belts and hoses

Car belts control important components in a vehicle including the alternator, power steering, water pump and air conditioner. If a car belt is not functioning properly, all aspects controlled by the belt will be affected which may result in failure. If a hose fails, fluids will not be transferred to vital areas in the engine. Elements such as heat and cold causes these pieces to wear which is why we thoroughly check them over during an engine tune up.


Car fluids

Car fluids run throughout automotives systems and as they do they pick up contamination that needs to be filtered. If a filter isn’t present then the fluid must be flushed out and new fluid must be put in. Fluids are changed during tune ups to make sure your vehicle remains functioning at maximum capacity. We check engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, automatic transmission fluids, and power steering fluid. We will top off any fluid that is low.


Car Battery

Car batteries are a very important component of an engine tuneup. They keep your car running and ensure they you get from place to place. When we service the battery we clean the cables and terminals and make sure everything is in optimal running shape.

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