Exhaust System Services in Columbia, MO

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Intricate systems run within your vehicle and produce excess gasses such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide. The exhaust system in the vehicle redirects these dangerous gasses to the tailpipe and away from the passengers in the car. Exhaust systems are a necessary safety component in all vehicles and a well-functioning exhaust can:

– Create less harmful emissions into the atmosphere
– Help reduce engine noise
– Improve vehicle efficiency and performance


Exhaust system maintenance should always be handled by knowledgeable professionals. Working underneath a car and using heavy force can cause the vehicle to shift or disrupt rusty components resulting in falling metal. The exhaust system is delicate and if handled by an amateur, it is easy to break the fuel line or other components. At KB Tire & Auto, our team of professionals is properly equipped to handle all exhaust system services and car repairs your vehicle needs. We will quickly pinpoint the issues and service your vehicle accordingly.

Exhaust system maintenance is necessary for vehicle safety and comfort

A broken exhaust system is not just a simple annoyance, but one of high priority. A minor crack or damage to this essential component of your vehicle can jeopardize the driver and passengers’ safety. Carbon monoxide can enter the vent at the bottom of the vehicle and easily make its way into the cabin. Just a minor leak can result in dizziness, headaches, and nausea. This is why it is very important to be alert for signs of a broken exhaust system.

Be on the lookout for:

-An odd sound coming from underneath your car

-Scraping noises coming from behind your car

-Gasoline or burning smell

-Decreased fuel efficiency

-Noisy engine

-Cracked or low hanging exhaust pipe


If you notice any of these signs, it is imperative to bring your vehicle in for car repair as soon as possible. Not only are broken exhaust systems dangerous, but they negatively impact engine performance and effect power as well as fuel economy.


Auto repair can start with your exhaust pipe

Various substances emitted from your exhaust pipe are a sign you need a repair. Depending on what is being emitted, there are various emergencies when the car should be brought into an auto repair shop, including:


When it’s cold outside, it’s inevitable your exhaust pipe will drip or even have a small stream of water coming out of it. These functions are normal because a hot engine results in steam and water vapor accumulating. However, if you notice a steady volume of water coming out of your exhaust pipe to the point where you could fill up a cup, that is problematic. Bring in your vehicle right away if you notice this.


Steam is normal and expected when the outside temperature is cooler. But, if you are noticing puffy white clouds coming from your exhaust pipe on a warm day this indicates an issue. Your vehicle most likely has a gasket issue or cracked cylinder which can result in coolant leaking into the combustion chamber.

Black Smoke

Black fumes indicate excessive fuel use and not enough oxygen. A part of the emission system in your vehicle has most likely failed and  produced the fumes as a result. This is not dangerous and as urgent as other issues, but it should still be looked at by a professional. Until the problem has been addressed, you will  be burning your money in all of the excess fuel being emitted through your tail pipe.

Blue Smoke

Blue smoke indicates a decreased engine performance and is caused by oil entering the combustion process. Blue smoke is rarely seen and only occurs in vehicles with extremely high mileage. If you notice blue smoke coming out of your tailpipe, your car needs to be brought into an auto repair shop immediately.

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