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About CV & Drive Axles and CV Joints


Your vehicle’s CV axle connects two wheels together in front and in back, and each CV axle has two CV joints. A CV joint is often referred to as a CV boot.


The load-bearing CV axle acts like a central shaft, maintaining the wheel positions relative to each other and to the vehicle body. The axle construction matches vehicle use; trucks and off-road vehicles come with axles keeping the wheel positions steady under heavy stress (ideal for supporting heavy loads), while conventional axles maintain the stability and safety of most vehicles. No matter what you drive, remember your vehicle’s axle must bear the weight of your vehicle (plus any cargo) along with the acceleration forces between you and the ground.

When it comes to axle inspection, KB Tire & Auto is your source for professional, knowledgeable CV axle and joint replacement. If you are experiencing any axle issues or need a CV axle or joint replacement, contact our experienced mechanics today, and we will get you back on the road safely!


How Do CV Axles and CV Joints Work?


CV axles are used in front-wheel drive vehicles to transfer the engine’s power from the transaxle to the two drive wheels. Some later model vehicles with independent rear suspension and some four-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles also us CV axles. Each CV axle has two CV joints.


CV joints allow the drive shaft to transmit power through a variable angle at a consistent rotational speed without too much of an increase in friction. The CV joints help smoothly transfer engine power, and they are protected by a rubber boot called the CV gaiter. Every CV joint includes an inner and outer joint.


KB Tire & Auto CV Axle and CV Joint Replacement


Dealing with car issues can be a nightmare especially when most people don’t have professional experience with fixing cars. At KB Tire & Auto, we proudly serve Moberly, MO and the surrounding areas, and our trained experts can help you with CV joint maintenance and replacements.


It’s important to inspect the CV Axle and CV joint as a part of your vehicle’s regular maintenance. We do this by checking for any breaks or cracks in the CV boot.


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Here is a brief description of the most common axle design:

Drive/CV Axle

Simply put, the engine drives the axle. Typically found in front wheel drive vehicles, a drive axle is split between two half axles with differential and universal joints between them. Each half axle connects to the wheel by a third joint—the constant velocity (CV) joint—that allows the wheels to move freely. This joint allows the shaft to rotate, transmitting power at a constant speed without a significant increase in friction and heat. CV joints require regular inspection.

Check Your Axles:

Go out to a large space (such as a parking lot), and slowly drive in tight circles. If you hear a clicking or cracking noise, you have a worn joint, and it must be repaired immediately.

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