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Computerized Car Diagnostic Testing

As the complex systems in cars increase, so do the prices of repairs. Today’s computer systems in cars are worth about $6000 dollars, and can be even more depending on the model. These intricate computer systems in vehicles control air conditioning, radio, locks, airbags, traction and cruise control, to name a few. They help keep you safe and your vehicle running smoothly. This is why it is so important to address any issues with computerized diagnostic testing. We can assess problems early on using our engine diagnostic system, and can save you money on repairs down the road. Whether a light comes on in the dashboard or something just doesn’t feel or sound quite right, we can use our car engine diagnostic tool and let you know exactly what the problem is.

Car Diagnostic Testing 101: How your car tells us it needs to be looked at

Sensors and switches throughout the car monitor and convert the operating conditions into an electrical signal. Once the signal is received by the computer, it sends information to three different systems:

  • Ignition
  • Fuel
  • Emission control

When the computer indicates there is a problem within one of these systems, it causes a “check engine” light to turn on in the dashboard. That’s where we come in. Bring in your vehicle and we’ll check it out. We’ll let you know if the “check engine” is a real problem, or just a sensor/computer issue.

Computerized Diagnostic Testing FAQ

What is a computerized car diagnostic test?

Our engine diagnostic system analyzes the control computer in your car to see if everything is working properly. The car diagnostic test examines sensors, computer processors and microchips to see what’s really happening with your vehicle. Diagnosing what is wrong with your car is similar to going to the doctor when you’re sick. Something that may seem simple can often be complex and confusing. Ignoring problems and waiting for them to go away can be costly and regrettable. This is why it’s best to have an expert check out the issues that you may have.

How does a car diagnostic test work?

While the light on in your dashboard may indicate an issue, it doesn’t give our technicians all the information they need to diagnose and ultimately repair your vehicle. It serves as an indicator that a parameter is off. Our advanced engine diagnostic system runs a test to pinpoint the issue that you are having with your vehicle. The car diagnostic test then delivers a unique code to our technician that tells them what is specifically out of range. From the information received by the system, our knowledgeable and experienced technicians will examine and diagnose the problem with your car.

Why car diagnostic testing is important for you and your vehicle.

Using a car engine diagnostic tool to run a test the minute you sense something is off is extremely important. This can prevent a small issue from turning into a large and costly one. Not only does the car diagnostic test determine problems, but it can provide important information about manufacturer notifications, a car’s history and a complete overview. This is extremely useful when purchasing a used car. If the seller doesn’t let you run a computerized diagnostic test, it could be an indicator there is something wrong with the vehicle.

How often should I take my vehicle in for car diagnostics testing?

A car should be taken in for testing once a year. Even if there seems like everything is running smoothly, small or unnoticed problems can quickly turn into expensive ones. Bringing your car in once a year will help save you money on larger car issues in the future and give you peace of mind.

Once your car receives a diagnostics test, we would be more than happy to help you with any issues that pop up. Check out are full lists of services here.

Call or send us an email. We’ll have you back on the road, “up and running” in no time.