How to Safely Fix A Flat In Under 20 Minutes

06 Dec How to Safely Fix A Flat In Under 20 Minutes


Getting a flat tire can really throw a wrench in your travel plans. Whether you are making your weekly grocery run or trying to make it to you relative’s for the holidays, you never want to be slowed down by a pesky flat. Luckily, the experts at KB Tire have put together our very best advice for not only how to repair a flat, but how to avoid getting one in the first place.

How To Avoid Flat Tires

A flat tire is not only an annoyance to you and whoever you’re traveling with, but can also be a safety risk. When your tire goes flat, you lose some control over the wheel and therefore your car as well. This can be especially dangerous when traveling on a busy highway or in traffic. Not to mention, the damages can rack up some pretty high bills. Avoid all of the fuss by taking some preliminary cautions. 

  • Keep tires properly inflated 

Preventing a flat is all about keeping your tires healthy by properly taking care of them! Pay attention to your tire pressure year round. During the winter time, your tire pressure will decrease due to the colder air. Note this change and act accordingly to avoid a flat while on the road. 

  • Check tires for wear and tear 

Check in with your tires to see how they’re holding up. Look for worn down tread and any significant damage that has taken place over the years. This can weaken a tire and therefore make it more susceptible to damage. 

  • Avoid obvious hazards 

The bottom line of this rule is to drive carefully. Avoid high speeds when driving over speed bumps, potholes, glass, debris, etc. Don’t put any more added stress on your tires by driving over hazardous items. 

Fixing A Flat Tire On The Go 

So, you followed all of the rules but still got stuck with a flat tire. Not to worry, at the end of the day, they’re almost inevitable as we can’t prevent every possible threat to our tires. If you find yourself with a flat tire while on the road, follow these easy steps to get back on track!

First, you will want to make sure you have the correct tools to help you replace the damaged tire. Your car should come with a lug wrench, jack, spare tire and your vehicle’s owner manual. You will want to keep the manual handy to check proportions and procedures are correct for your vehicle. Next, pull off to a safe location away from traffic and flip on your hazards to alert other cars. Finally, apply the parking brake to ensure stability throughout the process.

Removing Your Tire

Locate the tire with the puncture. Carefully begin by loosening the lug nuts located on your tire without completely taking them off. Turn the counter-clockwise until there is about 1/2 a turn let in them before they pop off. Next, attach the jack underneath your car on the same side as the damaged tire. Raise your car to the appropriate level and finish removing the lug nuts and the tire. To ensure you don’t cause any further damage to your vehicle, follow the instructions for raising your car on a jack specified in your owner’s manual. Once you have removed the lug nuts, safely pull your tire off from your vehicle. Pro-tip: grip the treads on your tire for more traction. 

Replacing Your Flat Tire With A Spare Tire 

Once your tire is removed, mount the spare tire on the lug bolts. Make sure to properly line up the rim with the lug bolts and push the tire on until you can see the bolts through the rim. Place the lug nuts back onto the lug bolts and screw them back on by hand. Lower your jack until the spare tire is touching the ground but is not supporting equal weight yet. Once it is in this lowered position, finish tightening up the lug nuts with the wrench by turning clockwise. Finish lowering your car with the jack until the spare tire is completely touching the ground. Double check your lug bolts are tight enough and safely put away all equipment. 

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If you ever find yourself in a bind with a flat tire, know that KB tire always has your back. We can have your flat repaired within a number of minutes using our high tech equipment and years of auto experience. Don’t hesitate to head our direction for all of your auto repair needs!

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