Know When It’s Time To Get New Tires

22 Oct Know When It’s Time To Get New Tires


The health of your car’s tires are directly related to the overall condition and safety of your vehicle. If a damaged or old tire goes unaddressed, serious and expensive damage could occur. Avoid unwanted auto repair costs by staying informed on the condition of your tires, know what signs of damage to look for and know when it’s time to replace them. 

How To Tell If You Need New Tires

The following is a list of common signs to look for that indicate your tires have come to the end of their road and it’s time for a replacement. 

Your Tires Are Bald 

  • Bald tires indicate the texture of the tread on the surface of your tire has been completely rubbed off, leaving behind a more smooth surface. This is dangerous because it decreases traction almost entirely which is especially hazardous in the winter months. 


Your Car Shakes When Driven

  • It is normal to feel some shake on uneven driving surfaces, but if you are on a freshly paved highway and feel something similar to turbulence, that is a problem. If you notice an unfamiliar shake when driving your car, it could be due to a number of issues including improper tire alignment, balance or a problem within the tire.


You’ve Been Driving On A Spare Tire For Over 70 Miles

  • Spare tires are a great solution when you need a temporary fix. However, a spare tire is like a bandaid and merely covers up the actual problem. You should not rely on a spare tire as a permanent solution and if you have been driving on it for over 70miles, it is time for a new tire. 


Tire Cords Are Exposed

  • Exposed tire cords indicate a worn down tire that has seen a lot of pavement. If the tire cord is exposed, your tire is not performing at its optimal level and is in danger of bursting while on the road. 


Cracks In Your Tire’s Sidewall

  • Sidewalls become worn down over time from the natural elements but are also more common in urban settings where street parking is more common. “Curbing” your tire or accidentally hitting the curb continually when parking will over time have a negative impact on the health of your tires. Eventually, your tires will buckle. 


The Dangers of Not Replacing Your Tires In Time

If you avoid the signs of tire damage, there can be undesirable consequences. Damaged or aged tires are much more likely to malfunction and burst while driving. A tire that buckles or bursts while on the road has adverse effects on the efficiency and control of the car itself. If a rear tire bursts, the driver has lost control of the back of the car and it will fishtail, putting other drivers in danger as well. It is hard to control the wheel on a burst tire as the balance and momentum of the vehicle has been disrupted. To avoid harming yourself and others, have your tires regularly checked to ensure they are in tip-top shape. 

Tire Replacement Services By KB Tire 

If you are experiencing any of the mentioned signs of a damaged tire, don’t hesitate to come on down to KB Tire and Auto to receive the necessary services. Maybe you don’t need a full tire replacement and only require a simple repair. No matter what the case is, we want to ensure your car is always in the best shape to make sure it is safe for both you and other drivers on the road. 

No matter what the damage, you can count on KB Tire. Call Today!

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