Why Proper Wheel Alignment Matters With KB Tire & Auto Repair in Moberly, Mo

24 Jul Why Proper Wheel Alignment Matters With KB Tire & Auto Repair in Moberly, Mo

The Importance of Proper Wheel Alignment With KB Tire & Auto Repair in Moberly, Mo 


Taking proper care of your vehicle is the best way to ensure its safe operation, longevity, and high resale value. When it comes to routine services, things like oil changes, fluid checks, and wheel alignment should all be top of mind. When your wheels are properly aligned, your vehicle will have a smoother ride and your tires will last longer. Tires and wheels become misaligned from road conditions, driving habits, or minor accidents. Usually front wheels are more prone to becoming misaligned, but rear wheels can also be affected, especially on newer car models. 


If your vehicle is experiencing symptoms of misaligned wheels such as vibration or pulling, contact the experts at KB Tire & Auto Repair in Moberly, Mo. We proudly serve Moberly and the surrounding Central Missouri area. 
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Keep Your Vehicle Running Like New With Regular Wheel Alignment in Moberly, Mo 


Routine maintenance is the best way to keep your vehicle in tip top shape. Regular wheel alignment is part of this maintenance. You should get wheel alignment services about every 10,000 miles or when you notice an issue with steering. If you’re experiencing misaligned wheels, you’ll know. Classic symptoms of misaligned wheels include vibration in the steering or the vehicle pulling one way or another. If you notice this, take your vehicle in sooner rather than later. Misaligned tires can cause excessive tire tread, leading to premature wear out. It’s also a general safety hazard to drive a vehicle that is out of alignment. Think of it this way: You’ve thrown your back out, which begins to affect everything from your mood to sleep. You get a chiropractic adjustment, and you no longer experience irritability or trouble sleeping. Your vehicle is the same way – misalignment will affect all aspects of your car’s operation, making it more difficult and unsafe to drive. 


What is a Wheel Alignment and How Often Does My Vehicle Need It? 


Simply put, a wheel alignment is an adjustment of the wheel angles so they are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. Wheel alignment is also referred to as “front end alignment” or “tire alignment.” During wheel alignment services, the technician will adjust the angle of your car’s wheels to the manufacturer’s recommended specification. The technician will also check tire tread for signs of poor alignment, as well as inspection of the toe, camber, and caster, three components for measuring wheel orientation. Again, it is wise to get your alignment checked and adjusted about every 10,000 miles or so. If you notice issues with steering or your vehicle is pulling to one side, it is most likely an alignment issue that you should have checked. 
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KB Tire & Auto Repair is The Most Trusted In Wheel Alignment in Moberly, Mo 


KB Tire & Auto Repair is Moberly, Missouri’s most trusted auto repair shop. We are dedicated to our customers and offer honest, quality customer service. We understand that the auto repair industry can be shady, which is why we hold ourselves to a standard of transparency. Our skilled technicians have years of experience working with a variety of vehicles, and we aren’t finished with a job until you’re completely satisfied. At KB, we give you a fair price and high quality results so you can get back on the road quickly and safely. Our hope is that you don’t need to come in for our services often, but when you do, we strive to give you the best experience possible. 


Contact KB Tire & Auto Repair in Moberly, Mo For Wheel Alignment And Other Auto Repair Services!


If you’re experiencing problems with your vehicle’s alignment, such as vibrations in the steering or pulling to one side, bring your car in for wheel alignment as soon as you can. Driving a vehicle that is out of alignment makes for an uncomfortable ride and can be dangerous. Contact KB Tire & Auto Repair in Moberly, Mo today! 


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