How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Summer Travels

07 Jun How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Summer Travels

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Summer with AC Repair in Moberly, Mo


Summer is the season of warm weather, cool treats, afternoon swims, and most importantly, road trips! Whether you’re traveling near or far this summer, make sure your vehicle is ready to take on the miles. In this blog, we’ll provide some tips to help you get your car ready for your road trip. If you’re in need of auto repair services before you hit the road, give us a call at KB Tire & Auto Repair in Moberly, Mo. We proudly serve the Moberly, Mo and surrounding areas with quality and honest auto repair services. Give us a call today!

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Get Your Car Summer Ready with KB Tire & Auto Repair in Moberly, Mo


Before setting out for a summer road trip, it’s important to make sure your vehicle is in good shape. Your tire pressure, oil, and battery are the most crucial things to check before traveling. These are things you should keep up with year round, as they’ll help your vehicle run like new for years to come. However, they are especially important before a long road trip. We’ve created a checklist so you can hit the road comfortably and safely this summer:



  • Get AC checked and serviced if necessary


      • Everyone wants a cool, comfortable ride, especially in the heat of mid-July. Have you checked your air filters recently? Or ever? If not, replace them and feel the cool air flow. If you still aren’t feeling cool air after a filter replacement, you may need a more involved repair or your coolant checked.


  • Look under hood for leaks, etc.


      • Pop the hood and give your engine a once over to make sure everything looks and sounds normal. If something looks awry, give us a call at KB Tire & Auto Repair in Moberly, Mo, and we’ll happily take a look!


  • Check battery


      • No one wants a dead battery in the middle of the highway. One way to know if you’re battery is close to needing a replacement is if the check engine light comes on or if your car has trouble starting or won’t start at all. Sometimes it will also make a clicking noise when you attempt to start your car. This is usually a simple repair. First, try to jump your car with jumper cables. If that doesn’t work, you may have a dead battery and need a replacement.


  • Check tire pressure


      • Nobody wants a flat tire anytime of the year, but especially when you’re on your way to a fun, summer destination! Check your tire pressure and fill low tires before you leave.


  • When was your last oil change?


      • Hopefully recently! If you’re approaching another 5,000 miles or 6 months, get your oil changed before embarking on your summer adventure. For older vehicles, it is advised to get the oil changed every 3,000 miles or 3 months. In general, this is the best way to keep a vehicle running properly for years to come.


  • Replace worn windshield wipers


      • Summer isn’t always sunny. Prepare for summer storms with new windshield wipers if needed.


  • Wash & wax


    • Protect your vehicle’s paint from the sun this summer by washing and waxing it right as the season starts. You’ll be good to go until September!


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Start Summer Road Trips Off Right with Tire Repair in Moberly, Mo


Once your vehicle is ready to go, it’s important to have a ‘road trip kit’ on hand to make any bumps in the road a little easier to deal with. Even if your car is in great condition before heading out, you never know when you’ll encounter a flat tire or other car trouble. Here are our ‘Road Trip Kit’ suggestions:


  • Extra clothes for each family member, including close toed shoes and light jackets
  • Non-perishable snacks like granola bars, pretzels, and trail mix
  • Water bottles or jugs
  • Blankets
  • A flashlight
  • A proper first aid kit
  • Jumper cables
  • Tool kit
  • Spare tire


Keep all of these items in a tote or plastic bin in your trunk for easy access. You’ll have more peace of mind during your summer travels with these essentials in tow.


Cool Down with KB Tire & Auto AC Repair in Moberly, Mo


A cool car ride is crucial in the summer, especially when you’re traveling. Most of the time, the culprit for a weak AC is dirty filters. Start by checking and replacing them. This is something you can do right at home! If the air still isn’t flowing after that, you may need to get your coolant replaced or other repair services. If you’re unsure, give us a call to set up an appointment at KB Tire & Auto Repair in Moberly, Mo.


Call KB Tire & Auto Repair in Moberly, Mo Today for All Your Auto Repair Needs!

Ready to hit the road? At KB Tire & Auto Repair, we want your summer travels to be safe and stress free. If you need auto repair services, be sure to contact us. We’d be happy to take a look at your vehicle and make sure it’s running safely and smoothly before you travel this summer.

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