How to Keep Your Older Vehicle Running Longer

07 Jun How to Keep Your Older Vehicle Running Longer

Keep Your Older Vehicle Running Like New with KB Tire & Auto Repair in Moberly, Mo


Is your beloved SUV, the one you’ve had for 10 years, acting up on you? Don’t have the heart or finances to trade it in? No worries! In this blog post, we’ll cover some ways to keep your vehicle running like new. With proper maintenance, some tune-ups, and regular care, we’ll help you get your vehicle running smoothly. If you’re located near Central Missouri, look no further than KB Tire & Auto Repair in Moberly, Mo for all of your auto repair needs! We offer a variety of services, including glass repair, alignments, brake service, and more. To learn more about our services, see our services page or contact us.
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Top Tips to Keep your Vehicle Running for Years to Come


There are a lot of things you can do to keep your vehicle running properly before you ever have to take it into the shop for repairs. One of the best ways to keep your car running like new is to change the oil and the oil filter routinely. You should get your vehicle’s oil changed about every 4,000-6,000 miles, or every three to six months. Additionally, you should have all other fluids, including brake fluid, checked regularly. Often, this is included in an oil change. Keep your tires in good condition by paying attention to your tire pressure and filling them when the low pressure light comes on. However, sometimes minor issues require auto repair services. If your steering feels off or your brakes are squeaking, give us a call to set up an appointment. We’d be happy to take a look and complete an alignment adjustment or brake fluid check. Most importantly, don’t wait if something feels or sounds off. The longer you wait, the more damage you could potentially cause to your vehicle.  


FAQ’s about Auto and Tire Repair in Moberly, Mo

At KB Tire & Auto, we want you to enjoy driving your vehicle and feel safe doing so. Part of that is keeping you vehicle in great condition. Here are a few commonly asked questions, and ways you can keep your vehicle running like new:


How often should I get my oil changed?


  • It’s best to get your oil changed every 5,000 miles or every six months. For older vehicles, you may want to get it changed more frequently: every 3,000 miles or every 3 months. If you aren’t sure, consider the age of your vehicle and how much you drive it. Or, talk to our experienced technicians at KB Tire & Auto Repair in Moberly, Mo, and we’ll be happy to help.


My tire pressure light came on, what do I do?


  • First, don’t panic. The tire pressure light is simply there to alert you that your tire pressure is no longer at an optimal level. Worst case, you have a leak and you’ll need a tire replacement. Best case, you just need to fill up your tires at a nearby gas station. Most air pumps are free. The best way to tell if you have a leak is to check your tires by taking a look, and keeping track of how often you need to fill up your tires. If you’ve just filled up your tires and the light goes off within the week, you may have a leak. If so, bring it into our shop and we’ll be happy to take a look!


My check engine light came on, what does that mean?


  • Again, no need to panic. The check engine light is signaled by sensors that monitor your engine and emissions performance. Even if your car seems to be running fine, it’s a good idea to bring it in to be looked at. Most of the time, it isn’t anything serious, but the check engine light can also signal more serious issues with your vehicle.


My car is making a squeaking noise, what is it?


  • A squeaky car could be a variety of things. Take note of when the squeaks occur and what they sound like, and bring it in for us to look at. Often, it is a brake issue, but other times, it can be something more serious.


How often should I have my brakes serviced?


  • It is advised to have your brakes serviced every second oil change. This is the best preventative measure you can take for your vehicle’s brake health and longevity.


Something is wrong with my car, but I’m not sure what it is. What’s the best thing to do?


  • If something feels or sounds off but you aren’t sure, go ahead and bring your vehicle in to be inspected. It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to an older vehicle.


Call KB Tire & Auto Repair in Moberly, Mo for All Your Auto Repair Needs!


If you’re experiencing issues with your vehicle, give us a call at KB Tire & Auto Repair in Moberly, Mo. We pride ourselves on having high quality, honest service, and our main goal is to get you back on the road safely. Have questions or need to set up an appointment? Give us a call!


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