Benefits of Filling Your Tires with Nitrogen

29 Apr Benefits of Filling Your Tires with Nitrogen

Many people don’t know that you can fill your car tires with nitrogen instead of standard air. While more expensive, using nitrogen to fill your tires has several long-term benefits that actually make it the most cost-effective choice for tire maintenance.


Your Tires Retain Optimal Pressure for Longer


Nitrogen molecules are larger than standard air molecules, and because of its size and composition, it’s also less permeable. This means that nitrogen molecules will have a harder time leaving your tire through the rubber, and will remain in your tire for longer periods of time.


Since this nitrogen is also more stable than air, your tires are able to retain optimal pressure for 3-4x longer! This is because standard air contains water vapor, which reacts to external weather conditions. This is why you often see a drop in air pressure during a cold snap. There’s nothing more annoying than seeing a low tire pressure light turn on and having to fill up your tires with air at the gas station. Using nitrogen means you can go longer between tire fill ups.

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Your Tires Last Longer


Tires can be expensive, and a lot less fun to pay for than buying new golf clubs or taking your family to Six Flags. Anything you can do to prolong the life of your tires is saving you money in the long run. Your tires last longer because they’re better able to retain optimal pressure, as we discussed earlier. Because your tires are strong and stable, they’re less likely to be damaged on the road.


Fuel Efficiency Increases


Did you know the health of your tires is related to your fuel efficiency? When your tires are at their optimal pressure, your car can put less “work” into driving. This pays off with greater fuel efficiency and fewer fill-ups. Who doesn’t love that?


Tire Pressure Monitor System is More Accurate


As we mentioned, nitrogen is more stable than standard air, which contains water vapor, CO2 and other molecules. Since your tires are better able to retain pressure even while the weather changes, your Tire Pressure Monitor System is more accurate. For every 10 degrees change in the weather, your tire pressure typically changes by 1 psi (pressure per square inch). For example, if the temperature changes from 70 to 60 degrees, your tire psi would drop by one. The same change can be noted when the temperature rises, so does your psi.


In some vehicles, it can be hard to tell if your tires are actually low or if the TPMS has lost optimal calibration. Using nitrogen eliminates the need to evaluate if your tires actually need to be filled, or if the TPMS is off. However, if you are feeling unsure of how to proceed, refer to your car’s user handbook or stop by KB Tire and Auto to have a professional look into the matter. We are always happy to lend a helping hand!


Increase Vehicle Safety


Vehicle safety is a critical component to every car. If you have the opportunity to make your daily commute safer, why wouldn’t you? Popping a tire and getting a flat can put you in unsafe conditions. If you’re on the highway at night, it may be hard for others to see you. Since nitrogen provides more consistency and stability with your tires, and your Tire Pressure Monitor System is more accurate, you’ll be able to rest assured knowing your tires are properly maintained for your journey or the light will be on to alert you that they need a refill.

Come to KB’s for Nitrogen Tires and Great Customer Service

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If you are interested in making the switch from air tires to nitrogen tires, give us a call or visit our website in the meantime to learn more about our options. We would be happy to go through the steps for what to expect from the tires, how to properly take care of them and finally how to enjoy them. We want you to be another happy customer with KB Tire and Auto. For a more in depth look at what we can accomplish together, check out our page!


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